Reading List

The Japan Studies working group will read and discuss selections from the works listed below at our 2015-16 meetings. (Please note that this list is subject to change.)

To request a copy of a reading excerpt for an upcoming meeting, please contact the organizers.

  • Nishihara, Daisuke, and Arahychen Akossiad. “Said, Orientalism, and Japan.” Journal of Comparative Poetics 25 (2005): 241-253.
  • Roh, David S., Betsy Huang, and Greta A. Niu.Techno-Orientalism: imagining Asia in speculative fiction, history, and media.Rugers University Press, 2015.
  • Said, Edward W. Orientalism. New York: Pantheon Books, 1978.
  • Stolz, Robert. Bad water: nature, pollution and politics in Japan, 1870-1950. Durham et London: Duke University Press, 2014.